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We stock A Huge range of brands! 

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In the world of Fast Fashion, have you ever wondered what happens to left over stock when a high-street stores change their seasonal range? Well... that's where we come in! The stores have huge amounts of stock that they need to move, so sell it on wholesale to businesses like ours. We often manage to get these items a little cheaper than the majority of our tagged and branded items, so we pass on the savings to you and offer you low cost affordable fashion (And lower than the price they would have originally been in the branded store)! So if you aren't too conscious of what's the newest season, and like being conscious of fast fashion & preventing items heading to landfill then Cut Label is your new go to!


Occasionally some items may be sized incorrectly in their tag (we will always explain this and list the correct sizing), maybe a bold colour that hasn't sold in a high-street store, so they have lots left, or maybe we will only be able to stock a small selection of sizes. These items we often can't restock, and the sizes available are all we can access.


Why do we call them them Cut Label? Some of the items may have their branding label cut out or blacked out. This is so that you can't purchase from sites like our and then try to return the item to the original shop for a full price refund!

- Often lower than RRP

- Environmentally friendly

- Always a wide range of stock for all seasons

- No one will ever see a cut out label when your wearing  the item!! 

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