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Our biggest mission here at Miss Silhouette is to offer size inclusive fashion. We feel we are well on the way to doing this, but understand there is still a longggg way to go! We feel the frustration that we also know many of our customers feel, "Why isn't that item available in my size?!", us as a business "Why doesn't this label make it in more sizes!!!"

We would love to be able to design our own clothing staples that are available to every single size! And we don't mean this rubbish 'one size fits all' or "S, M, L" which are barely different in sizing!! We mean, literally having the same staple items available for every sizing option from 6-42.


Now, you may say, the same dress won't fit the same on a size 6 & a size 42. We understand! And that's why we aren't rushing into this. We'll need a lot of trials and testing of fabrics, styles & knowing which sizes need a little extra length or more back room, bigger arm holes or space in the bust - or equally less space in the bust! This is where picking the correct fabrics will come in! Also, we'd love to be able to have the option to pick 'shorter length', 'longer length' or 'standard length'. So you can order exactly what will suit your body - your Silhouette!


Keeping costs affordable, is one of our biggest things too - but this process will cost money!! Maybe we will initially start as a 'pre-order' site, so that only items needed will be made - meaning your item will be made especially for you!! 


Our seamstresses will work on your order as soon as it comes in, and hopefully there will be little backlog because they'll be working on a 'as and when ordered' basis.


See how passionate we are, we are talking as if it's already happening! 

To be continued...


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